Special Events

March 20, 2018

The Republican Town Caucus will be at the Minnechaug Regional High School Auditorium at 7 PM on March 20, 2018. All town Republicans are invited to attend to vote for candidates for the town elections. You can also nominate people from the floor that you would like to run. Snow date is 3/27/2018

1. Only Republicans registered in Wilbraham may present names in nomination.

2. Only Republicans registered in Wilbraham are eligible for nomination.

3. Only registered Republicans who have not participated in the last Democratic caucus are eligible to participate in any manner in this caucus (MGL. Part I; Title VIII; Chapter53 Section 76). However, all others are welcome to observe these proceedings as our guests.

4. Persons desiring to speak for any reason shall rise; state his or her name and home address. If the chair is uncertain of the speakers party enrollment, the chair will refer to the voting list before the speaker proceed

5. The times for speeches are limited for each candidate. The candidate may make one speech of not more than 5 minutes, and supporters may make up to 3 speeches (including the seconding speech) of not more than 2 minutes each.

6. Any enrolled Republican who has good reason to question the party membership of a voter may challenge such voter’s right to speak or vote in this caucus (53.76).

7. In case of a tie vote for any office, we shall proceed at once to another ballot for that office (53.85)

8. The only eligible candidates for any position are those that have been nominated by the WRTC officially or from the floor during the nomination period. Write-ins that have not been nominated in this way, are deemed ineligible.